Rapid application development may sound like a contradiction of terms, but it’s not. We help our clients reduce the delivery time required for custom applications by up to 35%, providing them an opportunity to offer features and functionality ahead of stakeholder expectations. Working side by side with you on application and solution design, we deploy enterprise applications built upon best-in-class standards, frameworks, and platforms. Our custom application development approach assumes interoperability, reusability, and data integration as a critical part of releasing a comprehensive solution.

Our teams bring a disciplined approach to traditional and Agile project management that provides predictable results and minimizes risks. We specialize in Microsoft and Java/open source solutions and have worked extensively with many of the world’s best-known brands in both technology stacks. Regardless of your platform preference, we provide an objective and expert perspective.


We work with clients to create dynamic strategies and rapidly implement ecommerce solutions. We recognize our clients’ business and technology environments will play a significant role in how the solution is designed, developed, and implemented. In the end, our goal is to maximize the value of an ecommerce investment.

Many of our clients see opportunity to leverage best practices, proven frameworks, and repeatable processes to improve their customers’ experience and their own technology environment. Most consumers rightly expect a consistent and relevant experience across online, mobile, and in-store platforms. Using a collaborative but rapid development approach, we help our clients continuously improve and streamline their ecommerce technology and operations to ensure peak performance and optimize revenue opportunities.


In this day and age of information and content explosion, highly organized communication and collaboration efforts are vital. We leverage the intellectual capital of your organization to improve customer service and cut operational costs. We help you share knowledge, learn from each other, and build consensus. When developed and implemented properly, collaboration solutions increase business process efficiency by connecting people and offering ease of access to critical insights, timely information, and centralized applications. This brings teams together and increases overall speed and quality.


We help clients transform raw data into actionable information. Better information means better decisions, as well as insight into historical, current, and predictive trends.

For example, consider the value of utilizing contextual reporting (e.g., geospatial, performance heat map, etc.) to view your business at-a-glance. As the organization matures its analytics and information management capabilities, you’ll be able to more effectively attack your market by visualizing the competitive landscape and appropriately adjusting your plan.

AATechnosolutions helps you modernize your data architecture, create data warehouses, and develop reporting solutions to support your growing business. Aligning your analytics and information management with your business strategy is an essential step toward leading or widening the gap in your industry.


Let's face it – you’re engaging with audiences who expect you to be mobile friendly. Every business must consider how to serve mobile users. From strategy through implementation to analytics and support, we've helped the best-known brands navigate these waters. No matter the complexity of your mobile market, we provide clarity and drive audience engagement. Together we will define the vision for your mobile strategy, including technical considerations, device strategy, process dependencies, organizational changes, and marketplace or channel considerations.


Our clients understand that customer relationship management (CRM) is anything but just another project. It’s an organization-wide business strategy that supports, measures, and values customer relationships. CRM is an opportunity to use technology to organize, redesign, and automate your business processes for sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support. As your organization invests in CRM, you will retain more of your current customers while finding, attracting, and winning new customers.


It‘s not enough to have an attractive online presence. Great web solutions ensure engagement with customers and prospects, improve conversion rates, increase customer experience, and sell more products or services. Even companies that don’t sell products online must keep up with customer and employee demands. Web solutions must be easily updated by internal teams and easily navigated by external users across all devices.