We work alongside clients to identify, develop, and implement winning strategies that align resources and technology to fulfill their overall vision and mission. The right strategies improve organizational performance by leveraging people, processes, and technology in ways that create value for the organization.

Our team provides an experienced perspective that brings clarity to complex situations. We see through the political, technical, or process “noise,” identify the real issues that need to be solved, and work with our clients to develop practical and actionable plans to execute the strategy and drive value.

  • Strategy Offerings:

    • Business & Operating Model Strategy
    • IT Strategy
    • Digital Strategy
    • Innovation Strategy
    • Operations Strategy
    • Customer Insights & Sales Excellence (CRM)
    • Corporate Growth & Development


AATechnosolutions works alongside our clients through change. We use a comprehensive and structured transformational approach and get measurable results. We equip employees so they are ready to accept and embrace change. We help clients align their organization, processes, and technology with their business strategy, mission, and values.

  • Transformation and Change Management Offerings:

    • Leadership & Sponsorship
    • Engagement & Adoption
    • Organizational Design
    • Change Management
    • Learning


Leaders who cultivate an amazing company culture are outperforming their competitors–consistently! Leaders who have tried to protect the reputation of their company, instead of dealing with the brutal facts, are losing. To make the necessary changes, teamwork is required. Unfortunately, healthy teamwork remains as challenging as it has ever been.

Interestingly, teams win because they are not perfect. By openly dealing with their imperfections, functional teams overcome the natural challenges associated with being human beings. Teams who are committed to building trust and dealing with conflict achieve better results. These teams model for others what is required.


What is the right combination of the various commercial and open source options to build your next generation technology platform? What is the best cloud-based offering to meet your particular business needs? How do you know if the software company selling the product is communicating the facts as they are today or as they hope they will be once you buy the product? There are a hundred other questions that wisdom tells us we should seek clarity on before making a decision. We work with our clients to discern the right technology solution for their specific scenario, then rally their team around the best technology decision. We manage software vendor responses and negotiations to get the best possible price for the technology purchase.